When the American Dental Assistants Association logo is required for use, the following guidelines are required for proper use.



The logo is made up of the American Dental Assistants Association’s primary colors, Dark blue and Gold.  The dark blue color is Pantone 289C and the gold is Pantone 1265C.  The letters ADAA are in dark blue and the spot color within the ‘D’ and ‘A’ are gold.  When using the company name under the logo, the words American and Association must be in dark blue (Pantone 289C), with the words Dental and Assistants in gold(Pantone 1265C).  Text for the company name must be Arial Black font.



Complying with all applicable copyright laws is the responsibility of the user.  No part of the logo for any purpose may be used commercially without consent of the American Dental Assistants Association.  Except as expressly provided in any written license agreement from the American Dental Assistants Association, the furnishing of the permission does not give you any license or permission to this intellectual property.   Other designs of the American Dental Assistants Association’s logo are available at the American Dental Assistants Association’s discretion.  EPS and vectorized copies of the logo can be issued upon approved request. The ADAA logo should not be altered in any way, or combined with any other object, including, but not limited to, other logos, icons, words, graphics, photos, slogans, numbers, symbols, or Web audio files.  Special considerations may be given upon approval by the American Dental Assistants Association.



Only two logo configurations are acceptable at this time:


With Name/Without Name


adaa logo with name adaa logo


The logo can appear in two methods, color and B&W.


bw logo with name bw logo no name


adaa logo with name adaa logo


Do not alter the colors of the logo in any way without consent and use only the specified colors given in the "Logo Colors" section.


We encourage any business or individual that wishes to use the logo to do so in a responsible fashion and with the American Dental Assistants Association’s image and identity in mind.  Proofs of any documents bearing the ADAA logo for commercial use must be approved.  Individual use is at the user’s discretion following the guidelines listed above.


Questions regarding the logo and its use, should be referred to the American Dental Assistants Association, Santos Robles at 312.541.1550 ext. 211.



All downloads are in jpg format.
By downloading the ADAA logo, you have read and agree to the guidelines issued by the ADAA for proper use of the ADAA logo.

ADAA color logo with name


ADAA color logo no name


ADAA B&W logo with name


ADAA B&W logo no name