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Alaska Dental Assistant Performs Additional Duty! 



Photo Info:
SSgt Jennifer LaPlante, an Air Force dental assistant stationed at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska, holds one of three bear cubs she pulled from a bear den on the air base. As a volunteer for the base Wildlife Service, SSgt LaPlante was tasked with helping to perform "den checks".  After the mother bear (sow) was sedated by authorities, SSgt LaPlante, holding a flashlight between her teeth, crawled headfirst into a 20 foot long den while two wildlife agents held on to her feet.  The cubs were retrieved to have their vitals recorded and blood drawn by SSgt LaPlante.  The cubs were then returned to the den and reunited with their Momma.  SSgt LaPlante grew up in an Air Force family and she calls Seattle home. She has served in the Air Force for 8 years.