Mastership Pack

Congratulations on enrolling in the Mastership Program!

ADAA is going green, so we will not be mailing the enrollment packet to you (ADAA will mail you a hard copy of the packet if you call and request it). Below you will find a list of the packet with forms that you will need. Enjoy your journey!

Downloading this packet does not enroll you in the Mastership Program; you must enroll by completing and mailing in the ADAA Mastership Enrollment Form and enrollment fee.

If you encounter any issues viewing the pdf, please install the latest Acrobat Reader from here.

Mastership Welcome Letter

1-Mastership Guidelines

2-Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Mastership Program  (View online)

3-Reporting Mastership Credits

Mastership Subject Code List

4a-Subject Code List for Clinical

4b-Subject Code List for Business

5-Blank Mastership Credit Report Form (MS Word) (PDF)

6a-Sample Credit Report Form (Lecture)

6b-Sample Credit Report Form (Participation)

7a-Credit Verification Form (MS Word) (PDF)

7b-Electronic Credit Report Form-Clinical

7c-Electronic Credit Report Form-Business

8-ADAA Education Fellowship/Mastership CE Codes
Please note the codes above are suggested codes given to assist you in completing your Fellowship and Mastership requirements.  Please feel free to call with any questions to your mentor or your Fellowship/Mastership Council Chairperson.

Mastership Tracking Forms

9a-Blank Clinical Mastership Tracking Form (MS Word) (PDF)

9b-Blank Business Mastership Tracking Form (MS Word) (PDF

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the ADAA Mastership Program





What is the difference between "enrollment" and "application" as it relates to the ADAA Mastership program?
In order to participate in the ADAA Mastership Program, you must first become an ADAA Fellow, and then you must enroll in the ADAA Mastership program by submitting a program enrollment form along with the enrollment fee. Once all of the requirements have been met, you must contact the ADAA Central Office and request an application to apply for the actual ADAA Mastership Award.
After enrollment, how many years do I have to complete the necessary credits?
You have ten years from the date of enrollment to complete the required hours and apply for the Mastership Award. If you are unable to complete the necessary credits within the ten years, you may file for an extension using the Request for Extension FormExtensions may be granted and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Will the application fee in place at the time of my enrollment still be honored no matter when I apply to receive the ADAA Mastership Award?
Yes. All fees in place at the time of your enrollment date will apply as long as all requirements are met within the ten-year time period.
Can I take the same home study courses for the ADAA Mastership program that I took for the ADAA Fellowship program?
No. Once you have taken home study courses to meet ADAA Fellowship requirements the same exact courses cannot be taken again to submit for ADAA Mastership credit.
Do my hours for ADAA Mastership begin to accrue as soon as I am finished with my ADAA Fellowship hours?
No. You must get verification from ADAA that you have successfully completed all ADAA Fellowship requirements before you can enroll in the ADAA Mastership program. Once you mail in the ADAA Fellowship Award application and ADAA Mastership enrollment form and fee, you may begin accruing ADAA Mastership credits.
Do I need to do anything to maintain my ADAA Mastership?
No additional continuing education is required to maintain your ADAA Mastership; however, in order to continue using the MADAA designation, you do need to maintain current membership within the ADAA.
May I use my own tracking system or do I have to use the sheets provided?
You may use your own if you desire. We supply sample forms as a courtesy for those who may need them.
What can I do to obtain Community Service credit hours?
Dental community service may include, but is not limited to volunteering at:  a community dental clinic; a dental health fair; a nursing home; an elementary school (for tooth brush instruction); a dental missionary project; People to People "dental" ambassador trips; a mobile dental clinic; a dental career fair; and a high school career day. Credit is not granted when you are financially compensated.
May I still receive the ADAA Mastership award if I cannot attend a convocation ceremony?
Yes. While it is recommended that all awardees attend the convocation ceremony, it is not required.  If a candidate for Fellowship/Mastership is unable to attend the Convocation Ceremony scheduled during their year of completion, the certificate, pin and/or award will be mailed to you following the ADAA Annual Session. The names of absentee candidates may be announced during the ceremony if they so desire. These candidates will have up to (5) five years to participate in a convocation ceremony at a subsequent Annual Session for peer recognition, if they choose to do so.
May I begin using the letters "MADAA" after my name as soon as all of my requirements have been completed?
No. The MADAA designation cannot be used until after Annual Session Convocation Ceremony of the year they are eligible for the award.
I took a webinar course – for which type of credit does it count?
Online classes can be counted as a lecture class IF the attendee has the capability of asking questions and interacting with the speaker.  If not, then the course would be counted as a home study course.
I’m confused about the participation hours.
A participation course has been defined as any class in which the attendee is actively involved/participating for at least 30% of the course.  If you are manipulating dental materials, making temporary crowns, or taking CPR you are taking a participation course. 
When completing your Credit Report Form, it will count as participation – not lecture.  Also, the guidelines state: “One and a half hours of subject credit is awarded for every hour of participation courses, however, hour for hour is counted toward the participation requirement.” 
So, if it was a 3- hour course on dental materials, then you will earn 4.5 hours towards the subject (M8 Dental Materials in this case) and you would earn 3 hours toward your participation hours requirement of 100 hours.
If I write a continuing education course, I can earn credit for that?
Yes.  Up to 30 hours may be applied to your Mastership credits for authoring a published homestudy course, scientific article, dental textbook or AV program.  Submit your publication to the Council for review.  No more than 10 credit hours per publication will be awarded.  Credit will be awarded in the applicable subject category.
How do I get credit for a college course?
If you take a college course that directly relates to dentistry, you can earn 12 credit hours for each semester credit.  Send in a copy of the course description from the catalog and a copy of the transcript with a C grade or better.  Credit will be earned in the applicable subject category.  Credit will not be granted for repeated courses in order to attain a higher grade.
Can I get credit for teaching a class?
No, credit cannot be earned for teaching a class, whether college-level or continuing education.