E-Member v. Full Membership

 What is the difference between E-Membership and Full Membership?


Online & ADAA record management

Unlimited Free CE credits of online education for full payment (does not include students, students with graduated dues or non-paying active members)

If paying in 2 or more installments, 6 free credits are given for 1st half and unlimited free courses will be available in 2nd half of year

Tiered discount levels for CE customers/E-Members/Full paying ADAA Members

Professional liability insurance,  AD&D Insurance (up to age 70)

Hotel, OfficeMax, discounts and more

ADAA - No Fee CVS Discount Prescription Card

E-retail discounts

Various payment options:  Monthly (12 pymts), bi-monthly (6 pymts), quarterly (4 pymts), semi-annual (2 pymts) - some options are upon availability, call ADAA for more details

Debit/Credit Card/Check accepted

Free subscription to your state newsletter (if applicable)

Renewing/Continued service 5 yr, 10 yr, 15 yr, 20 yr, 25 yr, 35 yr

Letter of congratulations from president/Anniversary pendant

Renewing Membership — renewal cards, New Members – certificate, card & pin, Free CE upon renewal

Eligible for Fellowship/Mastership

Access to all E-newsletters or print newsletters & Electronic archives (when available)

24/7 E-newsletter – for the exception of the student newsletter

Online renewal/payment/promotions & discounts

Eligible to hold State/Local/National office

Eligible to win Awards

Can serve as a delegate at Annual Session

Eligible for Scholarships – (student members only - student E-Members do not qualify)

E-journal: Online and hard copy content; Retiring Life Members: Free journal

E-Membership is now $10 and offers:

Online record management only

One free education credit online when you join

E-Member discount on continuing education courses

Hotel discounts

E-Member E-Retail discount

E-Newsletter and/or subscription (state option)

“Specialty” Membership card that can be printed online/Membership pin can be purchased online

Access to E-Newsletters

24/7 E-newsletter