ADAA Awards

ADAA Awards are presented annually.  Deadlines for awards vary, see table below for expiration dates.

  • Do not submit this form more than once for the same recipient.  If you have a question about your entry, contact Nancy Rodriguez
  • Please use proper grammar, ADAA will not change the format of the form
  • Do not use "ALL CAPS", do not use all lower case
  • You will receive a confirmation within 2 business days informing you it has been received.
  • ADAA Awards available to ADAA members.  Join Online / Download Membership Application
  • For all ADAA awards, send ALL documents in one email, not in various email attachments, please title your documents as needed.
FORM (Word.doc)
ADAA/Hu-Friedy Merit Scholar Award
March 15, 11:59pm (CST)
ADAA Student Achievement Award
March 15, 11:59pm (CST)
Juliette A. Southard Scholarship/Oral-B Scholarship Program
March 15, 11:59pm (CST)
ADAA/Sunstar Americas Pride Awards
(Clinical Assistant, Business/Administrative Assistant, Educator, Federal Services Air Force Member, Federal Services Army Member)
June 30, 11:59pm (CST)
ADAA President's Award of Excellence (underwritten by Henry Schein)
June 30, 11:59pm (CST)
The Anna Nelson Memorial Award for Editorial Excellence   
June 30, 11:59pm (CST) 
Loyal Assistant Award
June 30, 11:59pm (CST)  
Membership Award
June 30, 11:59pm (CST)
New Member Involvement Award 
June 30, 11:59pm (CST)